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Super Tuesday

I saw a news clip recently where the reporter stopped people on the street and asked them how they were preparing for ďSuper Tuesday.Ē The people, mostly young, didnít have a clue as to what Super Tuesday meant. I understand that Obama is attracting younger voters. Apparently it was none of the those interviewed.

I donít know why this clip was on so long after Super Tuesday. In Florida, youíll remember, we had a primary that didnít count. If I didnít know better Iíd swear that the DNC is run by Republicans.

We are now approaching Stupid Tuesday; so named for the last two elections when we elected George Bush. I watch a lot of TV, mostly MSNBC and I still couldnít explain Obamaís or McCainís platform. Florida">All the stations spend hours and sometimes days discussing some slip of the tongue which one of the candidates, their advisors, wives or ex-ministers made.

My preparation for Stupid Tuesday will be much the same as for Super Tuesday. Iíll buy a case of Natural Light, which as of this writing is a beer made by a US company. Then Iíll drink the beer as I watch the returns come in. If I wake up the next day, my miserable life wonít have changed much no matter who the next President is. The only bright spot, if Obama wins, will be to call my friend Mike and rub it in. That is if he hasnít already committed suicide.

I love debating with Mike. His political philosophy is that pretty much everything bad that happens, from earthquakes to the civil war in Uganda, is the fault of the democrats. Iím not sure why, but I am a registered Democrat. The only issue that I seem to agree with is that the war in Iraq was a bad idea. However, the Dems donít seem to have a plan to end it.

Itís a sad thing that after a year of primaries Obama and McCain are the best this country has to offer. McCain is just too old. Just like Brett Favre itís hard to hang up the spikes. I am interested in who will be the running mates for each candidate. Itís hard to believe that Obama and McCain havenít given it some thought over the past year. Lee Iacocca, in a recent editorial, had the same idea as I. He would like to know who the cabinet will be before Stupid Tuesday. I was disappointed to hear today that one politician that I actually like, Joe Biden, is not interested in the VP job.

As I donít agree much with the Dems or Republicans; Iíll be changing my political affiliation to Independent as soon as get some free time. For some reason you canít do it over the phone or by letter. So come Stupid Tuesday, Iíll probably be home. Iím not undecided as you may be thinking. I have decided to vote for neither. So no matter who gets elected and screws up, Iíll be able to say ďI didnít vote for him.Ē

For those of you whom are undecided; here are some factoids may help you pick our next president or explain why Iím staying home.
The Iraq war was a bad idea. There were no WMDs, we are not paying ourselves back with oil and we are no safer.

If you think abortion is wrong, donít have one. In any case the decision should not be left to Obama or McCain.

We need an energy plan. Maybe we canít drill our way out of the oil crisis, but thatís not a reason to not drill at all. Oil should not be used to generate electricity when we have nuclear, wind, coal, hydro and natural gas. There is oil shale in Colorado and Canada. Use it. If the USA doesnít have to import oil, most of the middle east problems will go away.

The stock market is down and I canít sell my condo or boat. Itís not my imagination. Phil Gramm is right about one thing. We are a nation of whiners. The Democrats are probably the worst. We expect too much from our government. I know George Bush told you to go shopping after 9-11. But, if you bought a house you canít afford thatís tough.

The Supreme Court is not always right. Whatís wrong with the death penalty for someone that rapes a child? Is his life more valuable than those of our boys in Iraq?

Neither Obama nor McCain have experience as Commander in Chief. As McCain was raised in a military family, he knows more buzz words. However, being shot down and captured doesnít make you a Commander or a hero. Audie Murphy was a hero.

Lower tax rates on dividends is not favoring the rich. The corporations have already paid taxes on that dividend. Get smart. For little Johnnyís next birthday buy him a share of Harley Davidson stock rather than that stupid toy from China.

In the USA we speak English. If you are voting here it means you have been in the USA at least 5 years. Learn English. Obamaís answer to the illegal immigrant problem is for me to learn Spanish. ďObama are you loco?Ē

So get out and vote this November. If everyone stayed home like me our next president could be picked by my friend Mike and we wouldnít want that.

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Bob E Sherman is a columnist for the Waterfront News and author of the book Am I the Only One That Signals? http://www.bobesherman.com


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