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Reminiscing Yesterday

Time passes like the wind that blows in my cheeks
But it feels like yesterday coz I still feel the pain
The pain of losing you, the one Iíve known for years
The reason why my tears keep falling

Hell I couldnít get over you
You turn my world upside down
The moment you said you love me
But where are you now my knight?

Didnít you feel the same way?
Have you forgotten me?
Had I hurt you so badly to run away from me?
Didnít you feel that I didnít mean what Iíve said?
I lied to you that even once I didnít love youÖ
I was a fool to hide my feelings
A fool to let go of my first love
But want can I do my knight?
Youíve gone so far and itís hard for me to reach you
We parted ways without saying anything
Was it forever my knight?
For Time have gone out and I miss you terribly

Iíve heard so much about you and the news kept hurting me
But what will I do my knight?
Should I tell you about it?
Or Iíll just keep it like yesterday?

But I guess it is useless now
For you donít remember me anymore
Your love for me was already blown
Blown by the wind of time
And just like today I can only reminisce
Yeah thatís all I can do
The only thing I can do

I didnít know what youíre thinking now
I know itís not me
Youíll never want to think of someone
Who caused you so much pain
But as I wrote this poem for you
Maybe youíll never have a chance to read it
I just want to tell you the truth behind my silence
Itís simply because Iím still guilty about us
About letting you slip away
And I know it will take so long to lessen it
Itís my fault why Iím miserable now
Itís because my feelings was left hanging
And I will never be alright unless I see you
I hope we could talk about it
Itís me who suffered so much
And I know it will stay unless you talk to me

I only want to say Iím sorry
I only want to say I miss you
I only want to say Iím happy for you
I only want to say I want to move on
And that I love you since you told me you do

My knightÖ
My first loveÖ
I hope I could bring back to my old self
For I canít find it now
I wanted to move on
But my self kept telling me I couldnít
Youíre shadow is still following me
Iím still living in the past
I couldnít get over you
And I couldnít forgive myself
I love you but itís not the issue right now

All I really want is reconciliation
But it doesnít mean I was lingering hope
That you will come back to me
I just wanna tell myself its over
That I need back off
And focused on something else
I wanted to forget you
But not the memories of my childhood love

My knightÖ
I still love you
I still remember you
And youíre the only me who made me happy
But Iím here to say Goodbye
Even if I love you
I know you donít love me anymore
But someday, somehow Iíll find the right one
It could be you but it maybe someone else

Maybe he will treat me as you do
Or more that you did for me
But I will never forget the times
Youíre here with me
Telling me you love me
Telling me you care
I told you have a space in my heart
A special one
But now I decided to keep it
Not because I donít love you anymore
But because just like pigeons
I also need to fly and find my right place

Like you did
But before I end this poem
I just want to tell you my knight
I hope you remember me as someone
Whoís been a part of you
Your ďDearĒ
And you partner on the dance floorÖ

Thanks for the memoriesÖ..

Submitted by:

GirL From Yesterday

I can only say that I'm the one who experience this


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