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Blockbuster Vs. Netflix

Maybe itís just me, but Iím more old school when it comes to renting DVDs. I decided to give Netflix a try not too long ago, but I was kind of hesitant at first. The reason being is because when I want to watch a movie, I want to watch it now. I donít want to have to wait a day or two twiddling my thumbs waiting for a movie to arrive in my mailbox that Iím itching to see.

To me, when itís time for Blockbuster to take on Netflix in the Movie Rental ring, I think Blockbuster video delivers the knockout blow. The reason I favor Blockbuster so much more than Netflix is because when I see a commercial advertising the newest DVD release of a movie I just have to see, I got to run to Blockbuster video, grab me a copy, not worry about late fees and return it once Iím done viewing it.

Now Iím not dissing Netflix, because they do have a very cool premise to themselves. I like the fact that you get to keep the DVD for as long as you want, you just canít get another DVD until you return the one you already have. And I like the plans they have for certain amount of DVDs to rent at a given time. But Iím just not too crazy about Ďmailingí back a DVD after watching it, then waiting for them to receive the DVD before I can get another one.

With Blockbuster itís so simple: You got a craving to watch a movie, you call up Blockbuster to see if it has a copy, and odds are it does as it has the largest selection of DVDs anywhere compared to other video store chains locally, you pick the movie up, you keep it for as long as you want without worrying about late fees. Itís the golden answer to my DVD viewing as far as Iím concerned.

So I give Blockbuster the nod when it compares to Netflix. Even though Netflix doesnít sound half bad, nothing beats the local selection at my local Blockbuster. Netflix, go towel off, because youíre not bad at all, but when it comes to facing Blockbuster, to me, you donít have a fighting chance.

Submitted by:

Jake Addison

Motivational writer Jake Addison approaches his movie reviews in a urban minded way. Jake has written thousands and thousands of movie reviews. The way he covers the pro's and con's of each movie is truly amazing. For more go to http://www.ipodmoviechasers.com


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