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Affiliate Project X: All Hype Or The Real Deal?

During the first week of October 2006 three major internet marketing information products launched: Click Flipping, StomperNet, and affiliate Project X. While the first two programs received major buzz, Project X is quietly moving its way up the internet radar.

I received information in my email inbox about all three of these products, but affiliate Project X is the only one I purchased. I figured many people who are in the same position Iím in would appreciate a quick review of this newest affiliate guide.

What you really wanna know: Is this a scam?

After having read this guide from cover to cover, I can truthfully say - absolutely not. This is the real deal, people.

Anyone who buys affiliate Project X is sworn to secrecy, so I canít be too specific. What I can do is give you a little idea of whatĎs inside. This review covers:

**Affiliate Products
**Email List

I might as well tell you up front that this guide is only 50 pages long. This doesnít bother me, but some people may not be impressed by the page length. To each his/her own. Anyway, if you are an affiliate for Commission Junction, Linkshare or Clickbank, this information will be particularly useful to you. If you are looking for a step-by-step guide that shows you how to make money with affiliate programs, read on.


While affiliate programs are an easy and inexpensive way to find products to market online, actually making money by promoting affiliate products is another story.

Ever get an affiliate check for under $100 and feel overjoyed that at least you earned SOMETHING?


Do you get tired of logging into your affiliate account and seeing lots of ZEROS?


Have you given up on affiliate marketing as a LOST CAUSE?

(mmm, not yet. Iím stubborn)

If youíve spent any time researching income opportunities online, you know that there are lots of books out there on how to be a great affiliate marketer. Many people (maybe even you) have bought affiliate marketing ďhow toĒ ebooks that promised to reveal a successful system of promoting and pre-selling affiliate products. While there is no doubt that the authors of these popular affiliate guides are using a successful system to earn a healthy full-time income from affiliate sales, itís what the majority of us aspiring affiliate marketers DONíT KNOW thatís causing our failure.

Iíll be honest with you, affiliate Project X isnít going to give you a list of ďsure fireĒ products that are guaranteed winners. If you need someone to hold your hand and make things easy so you barely have to do any work, then skip this guide. One thing that we all know (but forget sometimes) is that there are no guarantees in life. Same with affiliate systems. However, let me tell you, these big affiliate money earners have been holding out on us!

While theyíre doing X, weíre doing Y, and thatís why we fail time after time and they laugh all the way to the bank. Well, many of them wonít be laughing long because affiliate Project X exposes their secret techniques and allows us long-suffering affiliates to get in on the action. Can you imagine actually making REAL MONEY as an affiliate? After reading affiliate Project X, I can clearly see it happening.


Youíll often hear big marketing gurus talk about their mailing list. ďThe moneyís in the list,Ē is a popular phrase. Of course, itís true. Many of us are on one big marketer mailing list or another. Weíve seen their sales pitches for various products. Many of us have bought these products from time to time--often with a sense of excitement. Finally, weíre gonna learn how to make BIG money with this method or that. Uh huh.

You know what Iím talking about. Iíve gotten so jaded now that I tune out 99% of guru sales pitches. Iím only interested in buying products that teach me something specific or perform a specific function. Tired of the hype. Tired of the fluff. Just give me some good information straight up.

I told you Iím jaded, right? I actually bought one of Chrisí products (Chris is the author of affiliate Project X) and really like it, so Iím already on his mailing list. However, Iím pretty sure I deleted all messages related to this Project X thing, because I assumed it was some hyped up information product I wouldnít be interested in. I actually re-discovered his guide on a popular marketing forum. Maybe youíre on a big list and have received some information about affiliate Project X.

So, we all know itís possible to make good money from an email list by promoting affiliate products. Many have followed the list building principles taught by various gurus and have their own list. But what if youíre putting a lot of effort into your list and getting very little monetary rewards?

Here again, thereís the standard tried and true way that a majority of internet marketers are taught, and then thereís the Project X way that only a few ďin the knowĒ folks are doing. Affiliate Project X reveals a really effective strategy to profit from an email list. Again, itís up to the reader to take action on this technique.


All I will say about this is that if you are already doing article marketing, affiliate Project X will show you how to take this strategy to a whole new level. (psst! Your fingers will be busy)


While Iíve used Adwords some, I admit that I donít have too much experience with it. If you do use Adwords a lot to bring traffic to your web site, then affiliate Project X will expose you to some information that you may find very beneficial. If you think that you already know how to market affiliate products using Adwords, Iím telling you that you donít know everything (all those other Adwords ebooks leave out this juicy stuff, why?). If youíre not making decent affiliate money using Adwords, then you could potentially benefit from using the strategies revealed in the Project X guide.

If youíre already doing nicely with Adwords and affiliate products, then you may want to skip this guide. These may be techniques you already know, and then again maybe not. These strategies are definitely for people who could use some help.


Currently, the affiliate Project X guide sells for $97 (this price may go up at any time according to Chris. ItĎs already gone from $77 to $97). Itís definitely not cheap and is what I consider an investment purchase. You have to weigh in your mind how much value you think youíll get out of this guide compared to the money coming out of your pocket. This guide isnít going to be for everyone, but if you want it and canít afford it right now--my advice is to put a little something aside each week until you can afford it. After reading the Project X guide, I feel it is worth every penny--believe me, I do not take spending this kind of money lightly, especially since Iím not a big earner--yet.


Overall, Iím extremely satisfied with the information I received in the affiliate Project X guide. There is no filler in this book. Trust me, you will drink up every word as if it were an oasis in a dry desert. Thereís nothing like having someone on our side for a change. Someone willing to spilll the secrets of the big earners instead of quietly hogging all the prized information for themselves. Affiliate marketing has turned a corner, and a lot of us will reap the benefits of this new era.

Submitted by:

Donna Monday

© Donna MondayWow. Some BIG EARNERS trusted Chris with their secret techniques and heís sharing it all with us in his affiliate Project X guide. Are you ready to stop making peanuts for all your hard work? If your answer is yes, go here: http://lnk.in/showprojectx


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