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Affiliate Marketing: Successful Mini Sites!

The key to being successful with ďmini site extraĒ type sites is to have the best and most unique bonuses for the visitor to do what you want them to do. Be it buying your product, clicking your affiliate link, signing up for a newsletter or program, etc. If you have the same incentives or bonuses everyone else does then you really arenít offering your visitor something extra.

This is another type of mini site that does not do well with SEO. You will have to use other marketing methods discussed later in this ebook to get people to your site because ďmini site extraĒ type sites lack content just like ďmini site liteĒ type sites do.

Mini Site Marketing Methods

Letís talk about the different ways you can market any type of mini site. Iím going to cover several different tactics in this section, so get your pen and notebook out, so you can start taking notes.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

I used to be scared to death of anything dealing with Pay Per Click advertising. The members all recommended that I do my testing with Pay Per Click advertising. I told everyone no way. I wasnít even going to try that. I had heard so much bad stuff about it like how hard it was to learn how to do it right, how expensive it was and so on. I CONQUERED Pay Per Click advertising and so can you. I am not going to go into how to start using Pay Per Click advertising in this ebook. It deserves and ebook all on its own. I can tell you the two resources I used to start using Pay Per Click advertising and I even became successful with it.

Hereís a way to look a PPC. If you buy a little bit of PPC traffic at a time, itís a great way to test your site, ad copy, and so many other variables. You must figure out your conversion rate though before you start putting a lot of money into it. Once you know for sure how much you have to spend to get a buyer to your site, AND still make a good profit, then you can start spending a lot of money on PPC.


Some say that marketing via forums doesnít work. I think just the opposite. Heck, my very first sale online came from a visitor of a forum that I had posted to. So, you canít convince me that they donít work. Iíve made many more sales by just being active in the forums.

There is a right way and a wrong way to use forums as a marketing vehicle. If you post blatant ads in a forum, #1 the moderators will probably delete your post, and #2 you will not be taken seriously as a marketer. Those two consequences alone should be enough to make you NOT place blatant ads in a forum.

I visit many forums. Mainly to interact with colleagues in my profession, but to also help others with questions they have and to ask questions of my own. By being active in the forums, not only have I made sales and gained subscribers, but I have also made many friends whom Iíve worked with, and developed personal relationships with. Having business relationships with others in your profession is the key to being successful. Ask any big ďguruĒ and they will tell you that.

Now letís talk about how to get people to your site by posting in the forums. As I said early, blatant ads are unacceptable in the forums, but a signature file is not. Most forums will allow you to have a signature line at the bottom of each of your posts. In this signature line, you can usually have a few lines of text with a link in it.

I use several different ones, but Iím using the above as an example for you. By having my URL in my signature line, anyone who reads my post can see my URL and if my text interests them they can visit. I donít suggest using a lot of hype in your signature line. Forums arenít just for promotion. They were meant to be an information source, and a way to interact with others. When posting you need to make sure that you are either posting relevant information, or asking relevant questions. Donít just post to get your signature line on a forum. Forums are a powerful promotional tool, but if you donít use them right, they can hurt you more than they can help you. Find out more examples at http://www.honestreview.info/profitlance/index.html

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Dr. Kiera Jamesons

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