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Pictures of Sports Cars: See Yourself in the Driverís Seat and the Car Becomes Yours

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So imagine thisÖ

A beautifully framed picture of a sports car: youíre in the passenger seat, enjoying the ride.

No. Thatís too limited. Letís go for broke. Visualize yourself as the driver in this sports car picture. You are definitely behind the wheels, confidently cruising down the highway. Can you see it? Do you have in your mindís eye an exotic sports car picture? Moreover, to be even more specific, make it the picture of a fast sports car speeding down the highway.

And while youíre having this vision, why not extend your imagination a little further. Close your eyes. There you are. You can see the sports car picture. So youíre looking at the picture of a Ferrari. Letís say Ferrari F430 Spider. Take a look. No?

Well, what sports car picture do you want to visualize yourself driving? What photo do you want to put in this picture of the sports car?

Lamborghini picture? Not to your taste? How about the Jaguar XK8 Convertible? Or why not a picture of the Chevrolet Corvette Convertible? Perhaps youíd like something more classic, like the Austin or the Lotus.

But for the moment, letís just settle and agree on the picture of the Ferrari. You can change your mind later, at any time you want. After all, this is your visualization. Put any picture of fast sports car you want in your dream.

Now, moving on to selecting the color in the picture of the sports car. Weíll make it red. Of course, with your imagination you can make it any color you wantóperhaps your favorite color.

So thereís your complete visualization picture: You, behind the wheels of your own luxury sports car, breezing along a long stretch of almost deserted highway. Ah, what a beauty this car is. The driving pleasure. The power. The freedom. And oh, what a great feeling--the contentment as the cool wind kisses your face while you lose yourself in this experience of driving the sports car of your dreams.

But wait. Look who just pulled up alongside you. Me. You didnít know I was sharing this vision with you, did you? And Iím driving my new, red Ferrari F430 Spider.

In my sports car picture fantasy, my car was in my favorite color--purple, but it wasnít immediately available in that color (and it would be too much of a long wait) so I accepted the red, my second choice.

Oh, and I see you decided on a different car and color for yourself. No problem. It is, after all, your visualization. And you do look good behind the wheels of your blue Bugatti. Wow, when you dream, you really do dream big. But then, thatís as it should be. You do deserve it. And it sure suits youóyou and your Bugatti sports car.

This is one magnificent sport car picture, isnít it?

Copyright © 2006. All rights reserved.

Submitted by:

Douglas Hutchinson

Douglas Hutchinson believes in visualization and dreaming big. Visit http://www.allpicturesofsportscars.com.


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